[mrtg] Monitor TenGiga ports

Mizrahi, Gil gil.mizrahi at intel.com
Mon May 14 22:11:14 CEST 2007

This is a great clarification. 


Thanks for correcting me,




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On 14/05/07, Mizrahi, Gil <gil.mizrahi at intel.com> wrote:


	64 bit counters were created to collect high capacity traffic
(Giga and above). The "regular" counters are 32 bit.

	MRTG needs a special sign that tells to work with the 64 bit
counters. This sign is ':::::', e.g. public at

	As I said before it has significance when collecting Giga port
and above (TenGiga ...). 

	As I know it doesn't have anything with the SNMP version.

It has everything to do with SNMP version. Please read the
documentation. In "mrtg-reference", under "Extended Host Name Syntax"
there is explanation for the fields which are delimited by these ":".
It's just that most of the time people don't care to change the default
timeout or number of retries, but that pesky "2" at the end actually
tells MRTG to use SNMP v2 (as opposed to the default of v1), and you
have to skip all the other fields in front of it. 
It's simply that v2 introduced support for 64-bit counters. What you
call "regular" counters (actually 32 bit counters) are simply the only
ones supported by the default SNMP version used by MRTG - v1.



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