[mrtg] Bandwidth/Max Speed misreported

Dan mrtg at dandoore.com
Tue Nov 20 21:43:55 CET 2007

Tim Donnelly wrote:
> I am running MRTG 2.15.1 on an OpenSuse 10.2 platform.  I am using 
> cfgmaker to create individual config files for all my monitored 
> servers.  Recently I noticed that on several boxes that should be 
> reporting Bandwidth of One-gig, MRTG is only reporting 100Mb.  I have 
> confirmed using ethtool that the interface is configured for gig speeds, 
> and this is corroborated by the Ethernet switch auto-negotiating at 1000Mb.

Sounds like you're not polling the 64 bit counters, add the SNMPv2 
version statement to the end of the host with :::::2

See: http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/doc/cfgmaker.en.html#IDESCRIPTION


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