[mrtg] mrtg does not work on certain switch port

Khoa Nguyen npkhoa at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 17:50:47 CET 2007

I have myself into troubles with MRTG over 3COM 4250T switch. First of all,
mrtg running to monitor 3 different switch ports. One is for the total
traffic of the network, the other 2 are for individual sub-network.
1. The graph for port 1 seems to be "inverted". Green now is for IN and BLUE
now is OUT. How can I fix this? I have checked through mrtg.cfg. Things look
2. The graph for port 1 (eventhough inverted) still reflects correct network
activity, 1 big peak. However, port 2 does not, it's all flat. Port 3 does
show activity but does not contain the peak. is there something wrong with
MRTG? or the switch itself.

3. I'm sure the peak is reasonable. I double checked with my ISP's mrtg
graph, it also contains that same peak.

can you please help!
thanks so much!
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