[mrtg] cfgstoragemaker replacement

Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 09:58:33 CEST 2008

DA Forsyth wrote:
> Hi all
> I looked for cfgstoragemaker but that project appears to have faded 
> out even though there is a still a link to it, the downloads are 
> gone.
> I have written my own solution that is in two parts, first generates 
> graphs for all the RAM storage, and the second generates graphs for 
> all the disks found.  What I need to know is how much interest there 
> is in this script, because at the moment it is a bit specific to my 
> needs, but if there is interest I can generalize it and contribute 
> it.
> It is a shell/awk script combo, I don't do PERL (-:
ME! ME, ME, ME, ME, ME! Getting something vaguely supported to phase out 
cfgstoragemaker would be great!

I've lacked the time to get hrStorage vagaries worked out, and 
cfgstoragemaker broke when I upgraded to RHEL.

Shell is fine, I'm actually better with shell.

> one question though:  at this time we are suffering blackouts every 2 
> days (2 hours long) and when a machine comes up it sometimes reports 
> the wrong (small) real memory size.  any ideas why?  (FreeBSD 6.2 at 
> the moment, will be 6.3 after Saturday, and 7.0 next week sometime)
Couldn't tell you. Is the *client* the problem, or the server?

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