[mrtg] Perl RegEx question

Scott S. Heath SHeath at udi.com
Fri Apr 18 17:23:36 CEST 2008

Thanks for the tip.. I think something may not be installed properly as
when I basic length("cold") I get "4SCALAR(0x8167c28)" and not just the
number 4.

When I run your line of code I get the following:


Does this mean anythign to you?


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On 16 Apr 2008, at 22:34, Scott S. Heath wrote:
> From this it looks like it's reading the file fine, and the regex is 
> correct. What would be causing that last 0 getting dropped off?

	I'm guessing, and may be wide of the mark.

	Check your locale.  I don't know enough about locale to
	give any more detailed information.

	Check the length of your line, and whether there are any
	non-printing characters (eg NUL: 0x0) between '5' and '0',
	or any unexpected characters anywhere.

	Check whether the '0' is really a zero, or another character
	which somehow 'looks like' a zero.

	Inserting an additional line of code as follows may help with
	some of the above.

my $ReplayqueueFile = <$REPLAYQUEUEFILE>; warn join(':', map { ord $_ }
( split('', $ReplayqueueFile))), "\n"; if ($ReplayqueueFile =~ m/(\d+)/)


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