[mrtg] How to setup the mrtg for monitoring more things

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Aug 18 00:40:08 CEST 2008

> >         > 1.2 How to output the daily grah every 15 mins ?
> >         why?  It only rolls up 30-minute averages....
> >
> > By default, it ouput the daily graph every 5 mins...
> Oh, right.  I was thinking about the weekly graph.

The daily graph updates every 5 mins, of course.  You can change the auto-update frequency of the web pages in the browser (I cant remember the directive offhand) although there's not much point in doing that really.

> > So, how to re-config the mrtg, then output the graph every 15 mins ?
> Add an Interval: statement to your config:
> Interval: 15

Sort of.  If you do this, *and delete the .log file*, then you'll get a 15min interval; although of course you'll want to then run data collection every 15mins as well.  What it wont do is change your daily graph to a 3-day graph; you'll just end up with a blockier daily graph.

The best solution, really, is to move to using RRDtool as the backend, because then the graphs are only created when someone actually wants to see them.

There is a cfgmaker-host script that is shipped with the routers2 package, it's a bit limited (no explicit windows-mib support) but can spit our some nice MRTG config files for monitoring a variety of SNMP agents on hosts.  The cfgstoragemaker script does the same for disk space monitoring, which is an awkward thing to do if you have removeable storage as the indexes keep changing.  I also have a home-grown script mrtg-storage which lets you query via SNMP storage objects more portably; let me know if you need a copy.


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