[mrtg] How to setup the mrtg for monitoring more things

Edward Leung edwardspl.mo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 05:37:57 CEST 2008

Dear You,

I just installed the mrtg and perl with a Windows Server 2000 machine...

BUT there is my big problem as the following :

1, Would you mind to tell me how can we to find out the SNMP port number,

SNMPOID and read-only SNMP community string of the devices / hardwares ?

2, How to setup the mrtg for measuring ( monitoring ) the following hardware
usage percentage ( Windows OS also )?

2.1 CPU usage persentage.

2.2 Hard Disk usage persentage [ Total ( Read / Write ), Read, Write].

2.3 Ram ( Memory ) usage persentage [ Available MB, Page/sec ].

2.4 Network INT usage persentage [ Total ( Packets/sec ), Packets
Received/sec, Packets Sent/sec].

So, is there the sample config ( CPU, HD, Ram and Network INT ) for
reference ?

Many thanks for your help !

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