[mrtg] [Probablemente Spam] Error file.cfg Huawei Router

NAP nap at etecsa.cu
Tue Jul 29 17:28:57 CEST 2008

This my target config in my huawei router


Target[huawei]: 6:napgate at 

SetEnv[huawei]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="GigabitEthernet0/5"


Directory[huawei]: swgestion2

Title[huawei]: Trafico

PageTop[huawei]: <H1>Trafico<H1> 

Options[huawei]: growright, bits, noinfo, nobanner


I set port 6 as interface gigaeth 0/5, but I can’t get the mrtg.cfg on my
huawei router




SNMP Error:

no response received

SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "" [].161)

                  community: "napgate"

                 request ID: -128313452

                PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes

                    timeout: 2s

                    retries: 5

                    backoff: 1)

 at /usr/local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1/SNMP_util.pm line 486

SNMPGET Problem for ifInOctets.6 ifOutOctets.6 sysUptime sysName on
napgate at

 at /usr/local/bin/mrtg line 1798

WARNING: skipping because at least the query for ifInOctets.6 on
did not succeed

WARNING: no data for ifInOctets&ifOutOctets:napgate at Skipping
further queries for Host in this round.

ERROR: Target[huawei][_IN_] ' $target->[12]{$mode} ' did not eval into
defined data

ERROR: Target[huawei][_OUT_] ' $target->[12]{$mode} ' did not eval into
defined data

WARNING: Skipping Update of huawei, inlast is not defined

WARNING: Skipping Update of huawei, outlast is not defined


I need any help about it.

I received the help from David Kim, Lyle Giese, Srivinava Rao and Steve
Shipway. But I don’t solve my problem. 

Thank you everyone



E T E C S A 


Gestión NAP

e-mail:  <mailto:miguel.esnard at etecsa.cu> nap at etecsa.cu

Tel: 882-8104 / 885-4242


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