[mrtg] In and Out require different scale

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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You're in luck.  Well, sort of.

If you are using MRTG with the RRDTool backend and the Routers2 frontend, the latest version - 2.20 - has experimental code that allows you to use dual Y-axis scales, if you have RRDTool 1.3.x.  With this, you can use the routers2.cgi*ScaleShift[] option to set a scale factor for the second Y-axis which will be used for the 'out' value.

Otherwise, native MRTG, Routers2 prior to 2.20, 14all and mrtg-rrd do not support multiple axis.  rrdcgi will allow you to put any parameters you like, so you can add the second axis parameters of course if you have RRDTool 1.3.x, but it is highly complex.

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I've got what I think is a pretty simple set up. I have an NT server that runs MRTG 2.16.2. I'm interested in the outbound traffic on the WAN port of my router because I'm hosting a few web sites and want to be sure that I have sufficient bandwidth. I have a 1.5mbps(In)/384kbps(out) DSL internet connection. I can pretty much max the inbound side under some circumstances so that the In/Out graphs show very little detail for the outbound traffic. When I add the noi option so that the inbound traffic is hidden the scale of the Y axis doesn't appear to adjust to the relatively low volume of the outbound traffic but appears to remain adjusted for the relatively high volume of inbound traffic.

I haven't found a command in the reference that I understand will correct this situation? I've tried adjusting maxbytes and adding noscale without success. I think there is a simple solution I've overlooked.

Thanks in advance for your help!

David Schieber
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