[mrtg] how to create a mrtg master.cfg file ?

Daniel J McDonald dan.mcdonald at austinenergy.com
Tue Dec 29 16:04:01 CET 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-29 at 09:44 -0500, Sankung Sawo wrote:
> Dear MRTG support,
> I have difficulty running my Master.cfg file. I created the file but
> when I run it the html and PNG image files of the devices are not
> updated; only the log file associated with the  master.log is updated
> and no errors are recorded. The master.cfg file contents as:
> =========
> Forks: 20
> Include: sw203.cfg
> Include: sw205.cfg
> Include: c2811-r1.cfg
> ============== end of master.cfg file.
> The included files are in the same folder as the master.cfg file.

I think the include statements have to have the complete path, but it
should throw errors if it can't find the file.

You may need to define workdir: in master.cfg

Daniel J McDonald, CCIE # 2495, CISSP # 78281, CNX

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