[mrtg] MOS in MRTG for videoconference sessions

Tue Jan 6 16:46:03 CET 2009

Hi there,
I am trying to understand a specific configuration of MRTG used to monitor jitter and packet loss of various endpoints (videoconference codecs) on the network. In fact, I would like to retrieve the output data, used by MRTG to create the png files, to calculate the Mean Opinion Score of videoconference sessions.
The actual configuration produces two log files for the jitter and packet loss values (and also png, png.meta, html.meta, html files...Etc) which are organized as explained in the 'mrtg-logfile' documentation (5 columns, the first one is the timestamp I guess).

Now, I would like to use these files to produce another file containing the MOS for a specific endpoint but I do not understand the section that explains how to convert the timestamp on open office or MS Excel (is Y the 300 seconds interval between each values ?), and do not see how to get a jitter value or packet loss value for each time T interval.

The config file of mrtg is as shown below (do not know if it helps):

WriteExpires: Yes
WorkDir: /mrtg/data/poly/xxx
#IconDir: //nms.ucsc.edu/images/

Target[poly-201-loss]: `/mrtg/config/xxx/get_poly-loss`
Maxbytes[poly-201-loss]: 10000
XSize[poly-201-loss]: 600
YSize[poly-201-loss]: 300
Ylegend[poly-201-loss]: Drops per hour
LegendI[poly-201-loss]: Transmit Loss
LegendO[poly-201-loss]: Receive Loss
Legend1[poly-201-loss]: Audio + Video transmit drops/hour
Legend2[poly-201-loss]: Audio + Video receive drops/hour
Title[poly-201-loss]: Packet loss
ShortLegend[poly-201-loss]: Packeteer
PageTop[poly-201-loss]: <H1>Loss reports from RTCP</H1>
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Polycom VSX 8000</TD></TR> / Can be changed to codec's name /
   <TR><TD>Software:</TD><TD>HF 9.0.1</TD></TR>
Options[poly-201-loss]: growright, nopercent, perhour

Target[poly-201-jit]: `/mrtg/config/xxx/get_poly-jitter`
Maxbytes[poly-201-jit]: 400
XSize[poly-201-jit]: 600
YSize[poly-201-jit]: 150
Ylegend[poly-201-jit]: mS
LegendI[poly-201-jit]: Transmit jitter
LegendO[poly-201-jit]: Receive jitter
Legend1[poly-201-jit]: Video transmit jitter
Legend2[poly-201-jit]: Video receive jitter
Title[poly-201-jit]: jitter
ShortLegend[poly-201-jit]: Jitter
PageTop[poly-201-jit]: <H1>Jitter reports from RTCP</H1>
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Polycom VSX 8000</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Software:</TD><TD>HF 9.0.1</TD></TR>
Options[poly-201-jit]: growright, gauge, nopercent

By advance thank you for your help.

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