[mrtg] Struct in Memory Utilization

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Jan 7 22:05:45 CET 2009

What is the exact output of your script being called in the Target
definition?  Possibly it is outputting the numbers in the incorrect format
and so they are being parsed as zero.  Also, what is your actual Target
definition - maybe there is a syntax error?  Is MRTG running without errors
on the cfg file?  Is the .rrd or .log file being updated?


Your Y axis probably shows 0-100 because that's the MaxBytes value.  This
depends on your configuration (native mode? With RRDtool?  Which RRD


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Hi Dear,

           I have configured mrtg for memory utilization using python
script. python script gives correct value in percent but

in graphs it shows 0.0% for your reference i will show my cfg file.

Target[localhost.mem] : value in % (eg. 34.6789)

PageTop[localhost.mem] : <H1>Memory Utilization </H1>
Title[localhost.mem] : Memory Utilization
MaxBytes[localhost.mem] : 100
YLegend[localhost.mem] :
Unscaled[localhost.mem]: ymwd
ShortLegend[localhost.mem]: %
Legend1[localhost.mem]: Active Memory Utilization in %
LegendI[localhost.mem]: Active
Options[localhost.mem]: growright,nopercent

where am i doing wrong ?? also this files run properly. and why graphs y
axis scale shows 0 to 100. if value = 0,0 %. 

Nilesh Sutar.

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