[mrtg] Your vendor has not defined Socket macro MSG_DONTWAIT

Oliver Marshall Oliver.Marshall at g2support.com
Wed Jul 22 13:05:55 CEST 2009

Oddly, it doesn't appear to affect the actual graphing results of MRTG. The graphs appear to updating just fine, but the mrtg.log is just full of that error.

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I'm getting the following error when setting up MRTG to run as a daemon on a windows server;

Your vendor has not defined Socket macro MSG_DONTWAIT, used at (eval 15) line 1

The mrtg config file was setup with 'cfgmaker' and appears to work fine if we remove the runasdaemon entry. The devices being monitored are a Watchguard X55e firewall and a couple of Netgear ProSafe GS748T managed gigabit/fibre switches.

I've found a few references to this error from about 18 months ago but no particular solution.

Any ideas how we can resolve the issue ?


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