[mrtg] Problems querying log file for IN and OUT numbers

Troy Wical troy at wical.com
Sun Jun 28 14:36:48 CEST 2009

On Jun 28, 2009, at 6:24 AM, Troy Wical wrote:

> I am trying to graph the amount of emails that are/aren't being
> greylisted.  I have found several scripts that query the log file for
> a certain string, and they work well.  I thought I could just copy the
> script and call a different parameter from a different log file, but I
> seem to be missing something. Regardless of the values I am
> successfully getting when I run the script manually, the value are not
> plotting.  The graph is all zeros. The mrtg log is empty as well.
> Anyone here have an idea?

My apologies.  It appears it was just my patience that was not  
functioning properly.  Its graphing now.


/me goes to get coffee

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