[mrtg] Baystack 450's and "Port Name:"

Rob Dover RDOVER at bclc.com
Fri Sep 4 15:43:16 CEST 2009

I monitor a lot of various Baystack switches and unless I am
misunderstanding the question, find that the --no-down option seems to
work fine. I put it right before the --output statement.

As to #2 I have not been able to do that either. I would be grateful for
a solution.


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  	I'd be very grateful for any responses and/or nudges in the
direction! First, specifics: MRTG 2.16.2, Kernel 2.6.26, on Debian
5.0.2, and 
the device in question supports SNMP v2.
  	I've scoured Google and the archives for this list and have come
empty-handed - please pardon me if this has been asked before!
  	I've got a handful of Baystack 450-24T stacks on my network and
I'm running into two issues:

  	1. Operationally down interfaces continue to be commented out in
  	config file even though I'm using the "--show-op-down" option

  	2. I can't seem to get what appears in the "Port Name:" field
  	(which can be customized by the admin) to wind up in the config
  	as "Description".

  	In both cases I'm using a derivation of this command to create
config file:

/usr/bin/cfgmaker --global 'WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg/wl-sw-room' \
   --global 'Options[_]: bits,growright' --output
public at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX --show-op-down

  	In the first case, I'm just stumped - "--show-op-down" doesn't
seem to 
work the way I understand it. Should I simply edit the config file
manually to 
remove the hash marks?
  	In the latter case I've tried:



  	and invariably the what ends up in the html "Description" field
"BayStack---module-1,-port-1" and not the custom entry in the Baystack's
Name:" field.
  	Anyone out there successfully able to get the custom entry to
show up in 
the config file for these switches?

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