[mrtg] Connected Users - Cisco Aironet 1200

Richard Gliebe richard.gliebe at fhv.at
Fri May 21 14:43:19 CEST 2010

On 5/20/10 3:21 PM Niall O'Reilly wrote:

Hi Niall,

>> I think this line should called like "MaxClients" or something similar
>> to the connected wireless clients?? ;-)
> 	MRTG requires a 'MaxBytes' rule for each target.
> 	Something more abstract ('MaxValue' ?) might have
> 	been a good choice back whenever, but it's obviously not
> 	feasible to change now.

my highlight this week:
the graph shows me now the connected wireless users ;-)

the only thing, which is missmatching my graph, is this needed MaxBytes 
option in the cfg File.

This shows me at the left side of the graph this $%"!@# "Bytes per Second".

It there a way to change this to "connected wireless users"?

many thanks

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