[mrtg] (silly) include question

Dez dez at otenet.gr
Tue Nov 2 08:11:38 CET 2010

I asked the wrong question, as it seems. As far as MRTG is concerned, 
WorkDir is inherited in include files (that don't change the original 
WorkDir value). The proof is the rrd files being created in the correct 

My issue is routers2 related. I think that if routers2 doesn't find a 
WorkDir entry in a (included) cfg file, it expects to find the rrds in 
the "dbpath" . This is a bit off topic though :D

p.s.: thanks to all for replying

On 11/02/2010 12:57 AM, Steve Shipway wrote:
> This is also one of the ways in which routers2's parsing of the cfg files differs from MRTG's -- Routers2 evaluates globals at the end, and assumes that you wont/cant set the default values multiple times.  When I wrote the Routers2 parsing code, the MRTG parsing was not available in a separatelibrary and a lot of behaviour was undefined, so I made my own decisions... and then became saddled with the weight of backwards compatibility.
> So to return to the original poster's question -- a setting of WorkDir: WILL be inherited by subsequent Include:d files, until/unless subsequently overruled.
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