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> Every time the router connects, ISP provides a different IP address to
> router's WAN interface.
> My customer asked for reports on routers activities where every used IP
> address must be indicated, something like: router1 used ip from
> 2.00
> am to 2.30am, then used ip address from 4.30pm ... and so on.
> Router's MIB provides an easy way to get IP address on dialup
> interface.
> Is there a way to get such information using MRTG for windows?

If you want to monitor the traffic, then identify the interface by name or some other identifier than IP, which will allow you to follow the interface even if it changes IP.

If you need to record IP address usage history, then MRTG is not the tool for the job.  MRTG stores the value of a metric over time, not a chain of events -- look at using something like Nagios which can constantly check the IP address of the interface and log events when it changes.


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