[mrtg] Display downloading speed of webpage using MRTG.

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Nov 3 21:55:53 CET 2010

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> My project is to calculate website downloading time such as yahoo.com
> and display it in a graph.

MRTG can do this, though you need a data collection plugin.  We do this for several websites here.

> I was told that MRTG can draw the graph with the custom script.
> But I am yet to learn how to put the value of my script to the MRTG.

Yes it can. Check the documentation; an MRTG data collection plugin must exit with status 0, and output four lines of text:


Where 1111 is the inbound value, and 2222 is the outbound value.  In your case, you'd need to use option 'gauge' to prevent rate calculations.  Use the construct

Target[xxxx]: `myscriptname`

To hook in the plugin.

> Any guide to return the perl script value to MRTG?

This is in the MRTG documentation on www.mrtg.org

> Another question here, MRTG needs a router?
> As for my case, I just want to display my calculation in a graph.
> I have a server but no router.
> Can I achieve my project with this MRTG?

You can do this with MRTG.  A router is not required, its just that MRTG was originally written to graph router interface traffic.


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