[mrtg] Graphing and displaying multiple targets on one page.

Keith kwoody at citytel.net
Fri Oct 1 18:25:59 CEST 2010

We have a couple of CMTS devices. We graph the SNR on the upstreams but as
we have multiple CMTS's and ~70 upstreams/nodes and the cable techs want
to have a better overview of all the 'nodes/upstreams' SNR.

I tend to agree with them. What we have now is ok and is done with a
somewhat of a prebuilt system that was purchased for use in our cable
network, uses RRD but requires scrolling and clicking to dig down a bit.

It would be nice to have an overview at a glance of everything.

Short of getting a 42" LCD screen and laying something out that would fit,
does anyone have suggestions on how to display something with that many

I have experimented with Xsize/Ysize and making the graphs small, then
using a bit of javascript I found on the web, when you mouseover a graph
it pops up with the big graph.

But as I see it there are drawbacks to that though as it means 2 SNMP
queries for the same info, and if they get out of sync, the small graph
does not match the big graph.

I was thinking of doing it all via RRD, but I have not used RRD so I don't
know if this would be something that would be easy to do using RRD and
generate things on the fly.

How do others display multiple targets on one screen?


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