[mrtg] Copying mrtg from one machine to another...

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So, your existing MRTG is running in Native mode (.log files).

A1. Yes.  RRDTool is a central Perl library so can be accessed from anywhere.  Routers2 just needs to know where the MRTG cfg files are located.

A2. No.  MRTG will only use RRDTool if you have 'Logformat:rrdtool' in the cfg file, and Routers2 is a separate CGI script, independent of any images you have created with your existing native-mode MRTG 2.12 install.


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Our running copy of MRTG (2.12.2) doesn't have rrdtool or routers2 (AFAIK).

Q1: Could I install rrdtool and routers2 as I would normally and then just run the new MRTG executables from a user dir?
Q2:  Would adding RRDTool and Routers2 mess up the working MRTG 2.12.2?

>This should be possible; however, you may need to
>1)      Change the routers2.conf to reflect the newlocations
> of the files, possibly also adding a LibAdd for the RRDTool
> perl librayr location
>2)      Maybe change/add a LibAdd: to the MRTG configuration
> file to specify new RRDTool library location
>3)      If you have the MRTG and/or RRDTool libraries
> installed into the site_perl location you will certainly
> need ot be very careful about adding the required LibAdd
> definitions
>4)      If moving routers2, don’t forget that you will also
> need copy the rrdicons directory and re-create the graphs
> directory under your docroot with the appropriate
> permissions
>We have separate installations of 3 versions of MRTG and 4
> versions of RRDTool (and also 4 versions of Routers2) on
> our dev box here, so it can work, although as I mentioned
> you need to be very careful you’re getting the right Perl
> libraries.

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