[mrtg] Port numbering on Dlink DGS-1210-48

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Jun 24 23:44:55 CEST 2013

> I upgraded my switch to the one noted, and while MRTG works fine, I
> can't really tell what graphs coorespond to which port.
> With every other type of switch I've used over the years, it was
> always the same.  The file name is IP_port#.html, but this is a 48
> port switch and i"m seeing filenames with the part after the _ going
> up to 57.   This does not seem to coorespond to anything I can find in
> the switch config.
> Even looking at the HTML there are odd names in there for ports  like
> "Slot0/7", "po2", and "vlanMgmt"

This is the way the switch names the ports internally, and the way it is done depends on the switch model and manufacturer.  Slot0/7 sounds pretty clear (port 7 on the card in slot 0) and vlanMgmt will be a virtual management VLAN.  There may be additional management or uplink ports on the chassis, with different names.  It all depends.  As well as your normal 48 ports, you'll find a loopback, a management, and possibly other internal virtual ports or chassis ports.

MRTG has several ways to identify a port, but all have their own problems.  Sequence number, just like port name, can change when you reconfigure your switch; MAC address and IP address may be constant on a router, but a switch may not have an IP on the port.

Config files generated by cfgmaker will try to use one method (often the name or sequence number) to identify the port, and another (maybe port description if available) for the graph title.  Cisco switches allow extended port description to be added which cfgmaker will pick up on.  Failing all that, you can still manually edit the generated cfg file to put in a more meaningful description once you identify the port and how you would like it to be identified.


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