[mrtg] Strange MRTG problem

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Also if the MRTG version supports debug tagets, consider enabling some of the debug directives in the top of the MRTG script and watching the log file output as it polls the device.



...to something like...

@main::DEBUG=qw(snpo snpo2 log);

...and stop/start the poller.

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Thanks for the ideas. Community string is actually redacted, but I guess I should've made that more obvious than mashing the keyboard :)

Agreed, my first thought was v1 but I am now specifically targetting 64bit counter OIDs and I've verified it is using SNMP v2 through debug options. Definitely sure the port is the same - low values are slightly different but the intervals are also slightly different (Cacti is running on 1 minute, MRTG is running on 10 minutes.)

The MRTG version is super old - that was one of my first thoughts, I'm just somewhat reluctant to even touch it as it's running on an incredibly old version of Linux as well but I think that is my next plan.

Not using a third party front end, it is a custom PHP script that calls 'rrdtool graph' directly. I will try rearranging the config file, thanks for that idea.

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