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John Shipley jshipley at edutech.org
Fri Apr 17 13:10:13 CEST 2015

I changed the MaxBytes to 19660800 and that gets me to ~150MB.  12500000 was a little short....I used 1024 notation instead, that seem right?  I did notice that the graph only went to 120 so I made the change for the counters this AM as the device does support SNMP V2.  Thanks everyone for everything so far, this has really helped out a lot.

>>> "Darren Shea" <dshea at ecpi.com> 4/16/2015 5:56 PM >>>
    No one else seems to have mentioned this (although Gregory Volk's code
did have it set correctly), but are you using the v2 counters? The v1
counters max out around 124 Mbps, not 100, but if the device supports SNMP
v2c, you'll need to use the larger counters anyway, so if your .cfg file has
a target like this:

Target[myswitch_FastEthernet1]: \FastEthernet1:public at myswitch:

You'll want to make sure there are 5 colons, followed by a two at the end,
like so:

Target[myswitch_FastEthernet1]: \FastEthernet1:public at myswitch:::::2

-- Darren

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First off Greetings to all!  I have recently been placed in charge of the
MRTG system we have and I have no experience with this.  In fact the only
person on this team that did, retired recently.  I was brought into this
group from another group, so I am kind of in a pickle.

With that little story here is what is happening.  We have graphs that track
how much bandwidth a customer is using.  We have one customer who
periodically uses a lot of bandwidth so we bumped their bandwidth up to
150MB from 100.  The issue is that the graphs were originally set to monitor
up to 100MB.  When this customer goes over 100MB, the graph bottoms out to
0.  I attached the graph.  the area circled in red is where they went over

I have spent days trying to figure out how to increase that graph's Y axis
to 150 or 200M but I can't seem to figure it out.  Any suggestions would be
very much appreciated.



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