[rrd-developers] PERLCC and companions

Stanislav Sinyagin ssinyagin at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 18:23:46 MEST 2005

Hi all,

here's a proposal of change in configure.ac:

if CC is explicitly specified as ./configure attribute, 

if CC is explicitly specified, and LD is not, add
LD=${CC} there too.

If both CC and LD specified, pass them correspondigly.

In all these cases ignore checking of $Config{cc}.

Why I need it:

I'm trying to deploy the Solaris packages from www.blastwave.org.
This is an excellent organization of packages, much better than 
www.sunfreeware.org, and they use native Sun compiler for most packages.
As GCC for Solaris is still quite suboptimal, this is a good alternative.

The drawback is that Perl's $Config{cc} is of course "cc", and the only
compiler available "for free" is GCC.

Thus the RRDs compilation fails.

Also I think it's not good that if we define --with-perl-options=...,
PERL_MAKE_OPTIONS is overridden. I think appending these options is more 


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