[rrd-developers] Re: add/remove DS

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Mon May 8 07:56:59 MEST 2006

Hi Pascal,

great ... I am sure you will make many users happe ... a few
questions that pop to mind:

> rrdtool merge <file1 in> <file2 in> [file out] (stdout if omitted)

- what will you do when the step size of the two files does not match?

> rrdtool remove <filename> <DS:ds-name>
> rrdtool add <filename in> <filename out> <the rest identical to
> rrdcreate>

- how do you differentiate functionality from rrdtool tune (on a
  logical conceptual level)? Could these be added to tune ?

> and perhaps also (as the other features would probably only work with
> the latest version, however, I'm not yet sure about this):
> rrdtool upgrade <filename in> [filename out] (stdout if omitted)

- this would be rrdtool dump and rrdtool restore rolled into one?

> which would upgrade the RRD format from older versions to the current
> one.

- it seems to me, that there are a number of basic functions
  involved when implenting the more complex functions. Like:

  - alter step size of an rrd

  - add DS from rrd1 to rrd2

  - add/remove RRA

  - alter RRA interval size

  did you plan on exposing this functionality too ?

- in what language are you planning on implementing these things?

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