[rrd-developers] Dashed lines, LINE-syntax

John yffffffff4271ef37 at f4n.org
Sun May 28 11:14:48 MEST 2006

I was thinking of adding support for dashed LINE:s, and I found
this thread, where different aspects of the syntax are discussed:


Has anything happened since then? I was thinking that it perhaps would
be a good idea to add a new, extendable syntax, such as:

LINE:value[/key[=value][/key[=value] [...]]]



(For color #ff0000, line width 3.5, legend "Incoming",
dash_on = 2, dash_off = 3 and stacked, which apart from the dashed
line would be: "LINE3.5:value#ff0000:Incoming:STACK" in the old


* A similar syntax could/should be supported for AREA, VRULE and TICK.

* I'm not sure if "/" is the best separator, but I personally find it
quite readable. We are free to choose anything as long as the old
syntax can be easily identified (which rules out ":" and "#").

* Obviously there would be \\ and \/ available for value-escapes.

* Perhaps one should allow shortenings such as "w=3.5", not sure if
it is of any interest though (anyone uses rrdtool manually on the
command line?).

If there have been any other discussions of this that I have missed,
please tell. (Btw, the Google search link on http://lists.ee.ethz.ch/
should be changed, it currently has as_sitesearch=www.ee.ethz.ch.)

I don't know when I will have the time to do the actual coding, but
in any case it'd be nice to have some comments before starting.

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