[rrd-developers] Optional change in graph behavior:--full-size-mode patch

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Tue May 29 18:29:40 CEST 2007

Hi Matt,

> Thanks Tobi, I hope it's ok if I paste the response back to the list.


> It would be useful for developers who've only worked with 1.2.x
> to have a brief summary of what is currently different about the
> 1.3 trunk.  Has the graph sizing stuff already been changed from
> what it was in 1.2.x?

well the main difference between 1.2x and 1.3 apart from all the
file access which has already been changed a lot by bernhard is,
that all the code has been subjected to re-indentation using the
new make indent target. the effect is, that patches for 1.2 will
not work for 1.3 at all

> As for code duplication in the patch, in the graph sizing code it's pretty
> unavoidable, because the default way of sizing and the full size way use a
> different order of calculations.  Ease of code maintenance is not really an
> issue because of how different the two methods are in how they calculate the
> sizes.  Having one big if-branch to contain the new behavior will probably
> improve optimization and running time.  Would it be right to think that that
> is a bigger concern for most people?

Well the concerns of most people are not so relevant to me. Since I
will be ulitmately stuck with the code :-) It is the note you wrote
that triggered me ... if you make the patch such that the resulting
code after the patch is such that you would sign it with your name
and add it to your resume, then we are on the right track .. ;-)

> Now the legend_place code that I duplicated probably wasn't necessary,
> there's a lot of ways to do that and keep it in one function.  That would
> make it easier to maintain the code for that function, without sacrificing
> much performance, if any.

sounds good ...
> The title sizing thing could be a separate feature with its own command line
> option.  Is that what you had in mind?  I warn you though you're running out
> of capital letter abbreviations. ;)

options without one-letter abbreviations would be fine ... also
while on the subject switching from getops to popt is also on my
roadmap, so if any one wants to chip in :-)

does this answer your questions ?

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