[rrd-developers] Optional change in graph behavior:--full-size-mode patch

Matthew Chambers matthew.chambers at vanderbilt.edu
Tue May 29 18:48:27 CEST 2007

> well the main difference between 1.2x and 1.3 apart from all the
> file access which has already been changed a lot by bernhard is,
> that all the code has been subjected to re-indentation using the
> new make indent target. the effect is, that patches for 1.2 will
> not work for 1.3 at all

Understood.  Since all my changes were just in two functions, it won't be a
problem to redo them in different source files.

> Well the concerns of most people are not so relevant to me. Since I
> will be ulitmately stuck with the code :-) It is the note you wrote
> that triggered me ... if you make the patch such that the resulting
> code after the patch is such that you would sign it with your name
> and add it to your resume, then we are on the right track .. ;-)

To be honest, it because of the WITH_PIECHART stuff that I would be hesitant
to sign my name on the resulting code, patch or not. ;)  Can we get some
official word on that?  Does anybody use WITH_PIECHART?  I think at the very
least it should be turned into a simple boolean option from the command line
instead of a weird preprocessor toggle.  As soon as I rework the legend
function so that both modes use the same function, it'd be something I'd
sign my name to for sure.

> options without one-letter abbreviations would be fine ... also
> while on the subject switching from getops to popt is also on my
> roadmap, so if any one wants to chip in :-)

I'm not too comfortable with either getops or popt, so I just kind of
replicated what was already there and changed the strings.  I didn't realize
it was possible to add an option without a one-letter abbreviation.  Does
just setting an empty string accomplish that?

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