[rrd-developers] Rigid sizes for image...

Hamish hamish at travellingkiwi.com
Tue Nov 20 16:59:56 CET 2007

Am I barking, or did I see a discussion relatively recently (i.e. within the 
last few months) on being able to set the actual size of the image produced 
with rrdgraph, rather than having it worked out and made larger than 
requested (because you only request the size of the graph portion).

I'm wanting to use the generated rrdgraph images as textures in an openGL 
application. And as such, opengl really prefers the textures to be a multiple 
of 2 in dimension... SOme opengl implementations seem to work OK with odd 
sizes, but some just prefer you to stick to the (Older) standards.

So I really need to generate the images with the correct size (Yes I could 
scale them, but that just takes CPU resource that shouldn't be necessary).

Did I imagine it? It doesn't seem to be a v1.3 feature... I was sure it was in 
1.2.something, but the closest I can find is the -j flag which only does the 
graphed data... No legend, grids, titles etc...

(And google doesn't find much either, src code for 1.2.26 suggests I'm 


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