[rrd-developers] Problemes with choosiung the rigt prameters for hartbeat and RRA

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Fri Jan 8 19:28:31 CET 2010

Sorry for these posts I am trying to relocate a thread from rrd-developers here to rrd-users where it belongs

Thanks a lot for your answers and your understanding.

>You've posted your question to rrd-developers, but this isn't a
>developer question.  You should post on rrd-users.

Yes, I realized that too, I am still waiting for the approval message for the rrd-users list :-(


>Minor problem, there 86400 seconds in a day.

I must have scrabled the numbers when I typed the numbers, sorry for that. It still makes sense if I say "daytime".

>Bigger problem, the heartbeat, or time limit between successive updates
>without an unknown, is in the DS line and you've set it to 100000
>seconds, or just over a day.  Unless you update once a day, your graph
>will be unknown.

>The 365 value is in the RRA "steps" field.  You're saying you want to
>combine 365 primary data points (each of which is 46800 seconds large)
>to turn into a single RRA point.  So the RRA consists of steps that are
>197 days in size, and you only want to record 10 of those steps.

>It seems like if you really want your RRD to have primary data points of
>1 day in size, you'll probably want your RRA "steps" to be set at 1, and
>you'll want to keep a large number of rows (3655 or so for 10 years

>And on the RRD, you'll want to turn the heartbeat up to whatever
>distance you can take before declaring the interval unknown.  That field
>is in seconds.

That means I had it all wrong. I will give it a try with these new values

How about the Xff factor. I can't say I totally understand the mening of this one.
Is it the percentage of the values you will accept as missing before you declare the missing
vaulues as Unknown. What value should I use for this if I have just data for 1-5 samples 
out for 30 in a month if I still want rrdtools to interpolate and to put something there for me

Thank you
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