[rrd-users] Re: Update RRD Database with data

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Dec 1 16:31:21 MET 1999

> Some time I need to update the database with data that are older to the=
>  last
> data present in it. Is possible to make this?
AFAIK not really.  What you could do is dump the database in xml format,
edit this and load it again.  To the best of my knowledge this may cause
some loss of precision (you're printing "real" numbers with only 6 digits
or so) but in most cases it doesn't hurt.

What I would do:

Create a new database, start time before "now".  Fill this database
with your "old" data.  Dump both the original and the new database.
Replace "wrong" values in the original database with the new values
from the other database.  Reload the database.

Make sure that you don't receive updates while doing this.

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