[rrd-users] Re: Choosing which RRA to graph

Bryan Mawhinney bryanm at is.co.za
Fri Oct 1 17:08:37 MEST 1999

>all this is within the group of RRAs sharing the same CF ... now if you
>only one RRA for each CF then there is not much choosing going on ... :-)

So are you (and Alex) saying that the CF parameter to rrdtool graph will
pick an RRA with the corresponding consolidation function?  Ie,

Find the RRA with the best resolution *AND* matching CF, and then
performing further consolidation using the CF if necessary

I didn't think that was clear from the docs, though of course it's the
sensible behavior.

I just satisfied myself that it does work this way by trying to graph a CF
for which no RRA exists.  rrdtool complains "the RRD does not contain an RRA
matching the chosen CF".

Great, thanks!

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