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alex at ergens.op.Het.Net alex at ergens.op.Het.Net
Wed Apr 26 11:52:59 MEST 2000

David Arnstein wrote:
> I am collecting business data which I would like to graph and archive in
> a rrd-tool manner.
> However the data changes only during the business day - values remain
> static overnight and at weekends etc.

This part won't cause problems.

> I suppose I could automatically make up data points during that time
> (repeating the last real value), but I would like the graphing to avoid
> displaying the 'non -active' periods and for the statistics to ignore
> them.

You can choose to display only the active parts in the day-period.
For the week graph, you can display from monday 08:00 to friday 18:00. You
can't skip (for instance) monday 18:00 to tuesday 08:00.

Not inserting data is no problem, rrdtool will insert unknowns for these
periods.  Your averages will probably be influenced by this.  This can be
checked rather easy by inserting a constant value during the active hours.
Let's say you choose to insert "1" as that value, from 08:00 to 18:00.
Most likely ( -but check this- ) you'll see that you will get an average
of ((18:00 - 08:00)/24) == 10/24.  You can compensate for this by using
CDEF arithmetics.

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