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NAIL, THOMAS (SBIS) nthomas at sbis.sbc.com
Thu Aug 17 17:52:57 MEST 2000

Tobi, et al.
thanks for designing this wonderful tool...but (you knew it was coming,
right?) I'm having some problems. I'm trying to graph some data and it isn't
showing up. Admittedly, Im a newbie and am probably missing something
simple, so I'll try to include as much information as I can. Sorry if it's a
long post.

I'm using a simple perl script to get values from a current logfile and
update an rrd with the specific data. The script runs fine and I encounter
no errors at that end, but the data doesn't appear in the rrd. I just keep
getting "NaN". The script updates only once a day (thus the large values for
the --step and heartbeat variables) and a "truss -fa" of the script shows
that it is indeed passing the correct variables from the parsing it has
done. I'm totally at a loss.

Here is the script:
Running on Solaris 2.6 x86 using Perl 5.005_03/RRDTool 1.0.17
#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w
#perlscript for parsing files for PRIs

while (<>) {
if (/switched/) {
    @pris = split(/:/,$_);
        #print "$pris[0].rrd $pris[2]\n"
        if ( -e "/scripts/rrdt/data/PRIs/$pris[0].pri.rrd" ) {
                system("/opt/bin/rrdtool update
/scripts/rrdt/data/PRIs/$pris[0].pri.rrd N:$pris[2]");
        else {
                system("/opt/bin/rrdtool create
/scripts/rrdt/data/PRIs/$pris[0].pri.rrd  --step 86400
DS:pris:GAUGE:100000:0:U RRA:MAX:0.5:1:750");
                system("/opt/bin/rrdtool update
/scripts/rrdt/data/PRIs/$pris[0].pri.rrd N:$pris[2]");

...and the output from a "fetch" command:

$-->rrdtool fetch PRIs/bobstx.pri.rrd MAX

 966384000: -NaN
 966470400: -NaN
 966556800: -NaN

Any help would be appreciated.


Tom Nail

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