[rrd-users] Some newbie questions...

Andreas Maus andreas_maus at bigfoot.com
Wed Aug 23 15:42:01 MEST 2000

Hi everybody!

I found this great tool some days ago and start to observe variables 
of my system (eth* in and out,average load,mem,etc.). 
Because everything works fine, I start to walk through the 
directories of RRDTool. I've found in the lib-directory a file 
called librrd.a ... Hmmm... It seems to be a library with some
calls to the rrd-functions inside. So the first question is:

Does anybody have a documentation about this library?
How do I call the functions of these library?

The other question may be off-topic...
I've got the latest version off rrdtool (1.0.25).
When I run make I got a loooot of warnings like:

cgi.c:214: warning: pointer of type `void *' used in arithmetic
gd.c:319: warning: declaration of `y1' shadows global declaration
gd.c: In function `gdImageDashedLine':

Should I ignore these warnings? Because I'm not sure, I currently 
use rrdtool 1.0.17 (which produces no warnings).

So long...Andreas.

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