[rrd-users] Re: New flame.

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 23 22:47:19 MEST 2000

Today you sent me mail regarding Re:[rrd-users] Re: New flame.:

*> Ok,
*> The previous mail that I've post on this list was, let's say, a
*> parallel between features that rrdtool provide and an real
*> situation for a specific job, like PM on GSM networks.
*> I only underlined the aspects that do not fit well for this kind
*> of application, not the good ones, because everybody knows it.
*> 1.I know that this at the core of rrdtool that you can't update
*> an time slot older than the last update. I'm thinking for a
*> solution that is not using an external storage before loading
*> the data.

you might want to look at the reason for the data not arriving in
order ... maybe this is because it is comming from different
devices ... so you might want to store it into different RRD files

*> 2. This solution of using graph command and PRINT statement and
*>    then piping data to another instance of the program is not an
*>    elegant one. There should be command to perform such kind of
*>    jobs.

sorry I did not get that one ... in any event you do not need to
pipe or anything if you use the RRDs.pm 

*> 3. From the man page of graph function I understand that in the
*>    PRINT statement you can use CDEF-s calculated values (maybe
*>    I'm wrong), only DS with CF function. I will test it well see
*>    exactly if I'm wrong.

every DS has a CF ... ? not sure what you mean ...

*> 4. For the last part, it is the same if is for a week, for moth
*>    or for an hour. The values are consolidated anyway and only
*>    the time scale differs.
*> Sorry, I forgot to say that I'm studying a way to overcome this
*> problems by modifying the rrdtool. I will anounce the
*> modifications on this forum.  If someone has an interest in this
*> features or ideas, please let me know.

if you post a tentative man (pod) page before going to work we
might be able to give some feedback ... 


*> Salut,
*> Felix

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