[rrd-users] Re: about the image per memory return problem

Gilles Lamiral lamiral at mail.dotcom.fr
Wed Sep 13 17:27:36 MEST 2000

Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> Having to store everything to disk
> first does not seem to be ideal ...

I know there are not very good solutions, but they are solutions:

1) use the disk but say to the admin he can create a memory file system
   to improve efficiency.
2) use named pipes or just pipes.

> this feature properly would require to upgrade gd, and
> this in turn would make gif writing capability vanish from rrdtool.

I though GD did return to GIF by not using the patented LZW algorithm.
The patent will expire in the year 2003 :-)

3) I've just perldoc GD (GD-1.14) and saw:
"       5. When you're done drawing, you can convert the image
            into GIF format by sending it a gif() message.  It
            will return a (potentially large) scalar value
            containing the binary data for the image.  Ordinarily
            you will print it out at this point or write it to a

So the image is in the scalar value. Good for the purpose. 
What's wrong with rrdtool?

au revoir,
Gilles Lamiral. France, Laillé (35890).
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