[rrd-users] Cricket/RRD strangeness on Solaris 2.8

Kevin J. Schmidt kschmidt at netrail.net
Tue Apr 3 21:12:34 MEST 2001

I just sent a similar message to the Cricket mailing list and decided to
send to this list, too. Here's what I'm seeing:

Cricket 1.0.2 is running fine on Solaris 2.7. We have a development server,
Solaris 2.8 in 64-bit mode, and I wanted to move our Cricket distribution to
this box for dev purposes. I installed Cricket and all the other modules it
needs from scratch. I then copied the various custom scripts, etc., that
I've written over to the dev box and turned cricket on. At first glance, all
looks well. The logs look just as they do on the 2.7 box, etc. After leaving
it up over night and then going to the Web page (grapher.cgi) this morning,
I noticed that none of my graphs have ANY data. Cur, Avg, and Max are all
NaN. I ran the collector with '-logLevel debug' and there are no errors at
all. The RRD files are just not being updated. I have 10 directories and
~300 devices in all. The RRD files in each of the data directories are the
exact same size and never seem to change. 

Any ideas what's going on here? 

-kjs, 0x4765656b

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