[rrd-users] Fw: Re: Java & RRD

Shane O'Donnell shaneo at opennms.org
Wed Jan 24 20:31:55 MET 2001

Currently, we're only working on instrumenting the "create".

The problem is that the existing library is not thread-safe, so we're opting
to using the command line option to get past this for now.  We will be
working on the conversion to complete "thread safeliness".

But for now, you are correct.  There is none that I'm aware of.

BTW - Sorry for the double post.  The first one was bounced (or so I
thought), so I reposted.  My bad.

Shane O.
Shane O'Donnell
shaneo at opennms.org
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> : >
> : >        Our Twist: We're building some Java interfaces for RRDTool and
> : >        will be documenting our "create" format, so you can use your
> : >        choice of RRDTool front-end to represent the data.
> : >
> : >        Check it out: http://www.rrdtool.org/ (It will redirect you.)
> : >
> :  ---- Even Yet Still More stuff deleted -----  Full text available at:
> :       http://www.opennms.org/sections/opennms/updates/update0204.xml
> So is that just going to be the create method, or is it also going
> to include fetch, last, graph, etc. etc, similar to the Perl
> bindings?
> What I'm hearing, though, is that no, there isn't a Java front-end
> available.

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