[rrd-users] Re: Adding DS's - without import/export?

Christian Pearce pearcec at PacketPushers.com
Sun Mar 4 02:26:07 MET 2001

On Sun, 4 Mar 2001, Tobias Oetiker wrote:

> Yesterday Jason Fesler wrote:
>  | Has anyone made a way to add_ds using the data structures for rrd files
>  | directly?  Granted, this is touching the internals of RRD files, and
>  | tobias will laugh at me if he changes the data format :-), but I really
>  | can't afford to spend 30 cpu seconds (plus filter time) per .rrd file.
>  | I have roughly 15,000 .rrd files of similiar size.
> the 'idea' is to keep only those things together in one rrd which
> are realy tightly related and not likely to change ... others
> should go into separate rrds ...
> this said, I am sure many would apreciate a mechanism for magically
> adding DSes ... and I guess it should not be all that hard todo ...
> if you write the documentation first and post it to the list, I
> might be able to give some input ...

I see chatter about this topic every once and a while.  Tobi seems to be
stand offish about doing this.  Is it principle that you don't want to
include this or are you busy with other things. :)  I believe that adding
and the deleting of the DS's would be very very useful, but it seems that
most of the applications I have ever used RRDtool require very little
rewiring of the RRD on a daily basis.  That you can use the add_ds XML
trick when you need to.

What I do find is I need to add or redesign every once in a while.  I am
in the process of redesigning how I utilize RRDtool and it is going to
require changing a bunch of rrds.  For example I am considating three
rrd's into one and changing some of the DS (since I am in the process of
making the whole project better).  If anything it would be nice to have
tools that would external add DS, delete DS, and consildate DS's.

Anyway, Tobi do you have any serious gumption towards making this happen?

Another thing what's the future of RRDtool and say abherent behavior

Christian Pearce

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