[rrd-users] ÿso-8859-1?Q?HELP! Problems with graph command?

Sebastian Vieira csvieira at epm.net.co
Thu Sep 27 14:20:19 MEST 2001


I am new with RRDTOOL and am following the tutorial on RRDTOOL page.
I created an RRD database and populeted it. If i make a fetch command i
can see de data but when i try to graph the resulting graph is empty.

Here is part of the output from the fetch command:

rrdtool fetch multinet.rrd AVERAGE --start 996469200 --end 997073100 | more

 996469200: nan nan
 996470100: 8.7772000000e+04 9.7565000000e+04
 996471000: 9.6338000000e+04 1.0473400000e+05
 996471900: 8.4036000000e+04 1.0057500000e+05
 996472800: 8.7182000000e+04 9.9897000000e+04
 996473700: 9.7768000000e+04 1.0937100000e+05
 996474600: 9.8770000000e+04 1.0456800000e+05
 996475500: 8.8150000000e+04 9.9426000000e+04
 996476400: 9.8742000000e+04 1.0992300000e+05
 996477300: 9.0700000000e+04 1.0181500000e+05
 996478200: 1.0228200000e+05 1.1231200000e+05
 996479100: 8.8498000000e+04 9.9265000000e+04
 996480000: 1.1036800000e+05 1.2953500000e+05
 996480900: 6.9140000000e+04 7.3921000000e+04
 996481800: 9.7286000000e+04 1.0246200000e+05
 996482700: 8.8740000000e+04 1.0129900000e+05
 996483600: 1.1090000000e+05 1.6658700000e+05
 996484500: 6.9336000000e+04 7.4069000000e+04

As you can see there is data on the database, but when issuing the following
graph command:

rrdtool graph prueba.png \
-s 997073100 -e 997073100 \
DEF:input=multinet.rrd:input:AVERAGE \
DEF:output=multinet.rrd:output:AVERAGE \
LINE1:input#00FF00:"In traffic" \
LINE2:output#FF0000:"Out traffic"

the resulting png file has an empty graph (I dont see any lines, scales
or grids)

Anyone knows what is happening here??


Sebastian Vieira


Sebastian Vieira U.

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