[rrd-users] Re: 14all and dir/cfgdir trouble.

Michael Heiming michael at heiming.de
Tue Jan 22 22:34:27 MET 2002

Hello Rainer,

Rainer Bawidamann wrote:

> The location of the .cfg files is independent of that of the .rdd files.
> You can put your .cfg files into subdirs and put one file ("master") in the
> top dir with "include" statements for the real config files (do you have
> separate instances of mrtg running on these .cfg files or do you already
> use a "master" cfg file?).

Played around with a master .cfg, however, as I don't know which
settings shouldn't occur twice, it didn't really worked well. Please
let me know if it's somewhere documented.

Setup, .cfg running with:
LogFormat: rrdtool

All .cfg files are in one directory, the .rrd are in a seperate
location each machine has its own directory, grouped by OS. 

Workdir: /path_to/rrd/OS/machine

Cron starts a few scripts, one per OS, which will execute sequentiel
mrtg, pointed to each .cfg and to a common logfile. The .rrd files
will be updated and it's working really great. Did put lots of work in
writting scripts that are autogenerating the configuration.

> Be careful where to put which config statement:
> Some global settings mustn't occur twice.
> > But why is there a param('dir'), which is supposed to do what I want,
> 14all sets this param from the .cfg file (setting "Directory"). It is used
> to group targets together (kind of "mis-using" the setting as it gets a
> second meaning with 14all).

Have to look deeper in that feature, haven't used it until now,
thought it was just needed within mrtg, if you don't log with rrdtool,
so I happily ignored it...

Another thing, from the docs and first tests, it doesn't look like
cfgmaker would work with snmpv3, sad as it's of great use to setup the
networking part of any .cfg.

Thx, for your reply.

Michael Heiming

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