[rrd-users] Grow Left - one more request

scott.list scott.list at mlec.net
Sat Mar 23 20:23:17 MET 2002

Hi Tobi, et.al.:

I was a good boy and searched the archives for "grow left".  The answers
there say I can't, darn.  My apologies for beating the horse so to speak

Are there any future plans for a "grow left" option?

FWIW I'd like to offer my opinions about this:

  - As previous posters mentioned, it would be nice to have the legend on
the same side as the growth.  This will facilitate quicker recognition of
details when details or more than trends are being looked at.  It's just
eaiser on the eye to have them closer.

 - Second, by putting the "new" data on the left side, you are looking at
data from new to old,  left to right, just as you read.  This is also the
intuitive place to look IMO if you are particularly interested in the "new"

- Finally, if one choses to have a graph that is larger than a browser
window would display, with the current growth behavior, you must scroll to
see new data.  Again, this is extra trouble the wouldn't be necessary if the
data was growing the other way.

I'm expect there is some reason it's not already there, and I'm sure thought
went into it's current arrangement, but I think the ability to have it go
the other way could be beneficial to rdd and the folks using it.

Thanks very much for your consideraton,

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