[rrd-users] compile-time warnings

Paul DeLong pdelong at quadrix.com
Tue Oct 29 18:24:45 MET 2002

I've looked back through the list archives, and I've seen many questions
about what I'm about to ask, but not one of them had a response.  And
people have been asking the same question for a couple years now.  So
I'm going to be a pest and ask it once again. :)

Is there anything to the sizeable chunk of warnings which get emitted
upon compile-time?  Has Tobi acknowledged them?  It would be nice if
there was a statement in a FAQ somewhere basically saying "yeah, they're
nothing much to worry about".  Even better would be an explanation of
the warnings, to the effect of "this happens because of XYZ - I've been
meaning to fix it but it isn't a terribly high priority".

But dead silence on the issue doesn't give me a warm-fuzzy feeling, if
you know what I mean.

So far I love RRDtool (I use it to import SAR data into Cacti), and I've
made a mental note to buy a CD for Tobi.  Maybe two, if I hear anything
back about this. :)


PS: I've attached a list of warnings, and warnings only (no pesky
reams-and-reams of build-output).

-- Attached file removed by Ecartis and put at URL below --
-- Type: application/octet-stream
-- Size: 2k (2625 bytes)
-- URL : http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/pantomime/warnings.txt

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