[rrd-users] Re: ERROR: creating arguments

Serge Maandag serge.maandag at staff.zeelandnet.nl
Mon Apr 7 10:27:21 MEST 2003

I can't imagine so.

I have one graph that displays over 70 data sources and some graphs that
use well over 150 CDEFs and over 100 GPRINTs.
The graphs are created in a fraction of a second b.t.w. It still amazes


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I've been using this fantastic tool to build a monitoring system for our
server machines, but have run into a bit of a wall. I've built a CGI
front-end to it with a bunch of checkboxes for adding data sources to
a single graph but if I have more than 22 "lines" of arguments I get:
"ERROR: creating arguments" and rrdtool dies. No other output :(

Each "line" adds something like this:

LINE1:cpuinfo0#ff69b4:'Idle CPU on server 1' GPRINT:cpuinfo0:LAST:'%.0lf
%%' GPRINT:cpuinfo0:MIN:'%.0lf %%' GPRINT:cpuinfo0:MAX:' %.0lf %%\l'

etc. As I say, up to 21 of these - fine. Any more and she bombs. Just
wondering if I've hit some kind of limit?


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