[rrd-users] Re: Changing Values on Y axis to non-numeric

Milan Obuch milan.obuch at bluegrass.sk
Tue Aug 12 14:20:56 MEST 2003

On Tuesday 12 August 2003 13:59, you wrote:
> Greetings All.
> Just a quick one.  I've searched through the archives and in the online
> doco, but havent been bale to find out how to achieve this.
> I'm currently collecting status' of some machines and storing the data in
> RRD as essentially a 0-2 value (0-down, 1-unknown, 2-up). Since the graphs
> are being viewed by non-technical people, I would like to change the Y-Axis
> of the graph to be textual fields instead of the associated numbers, ie
> print "Down" instead of 0, "Unknown" instead of 1, "Up" instead of 2, but
> still graph the data exactly as is.  The rest of the graphs have "real"
> numeric data, so I dont need to change the Axis on these, just this one.
> Is this possible ?
> Glenn Corbett
> gcorbett at netspace.net.au

</shameless plug>
You can do it my way - create background image including texts you would like 
to see, disable Y axis altogether (--y-grid none or try play with label 
<shameless plug>
You need to do it carefully in order to properly align everything as it should 
be - use your favourite image editor, use generated graph as template and 
wipe off everything unnecessary. Created image needs to be converted to GD 
format (pngtogd or something similar could be used) and used with 
--background or --overlay option, the later one uses white pixels as 
transparent. Do not forget to force your graphs into some constant scale, so 
your alignment remains valid even when only zero values are entered or only 
ones... you should play a little with it, the idea is simple.

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