[rrd-users] Re: Please, I want to understand why this doesn't work

Bas Rijniersce bas at brijn.nu
Fri Jan 17 11:44:33 MET 2003


> Hang on...  What you're saying is that *all*lines*are*drawn* 
> but they overlap?

> Look in the database and look at the values.  They *ARE* the same.

But they aren't (at least they can't be).. The GPRINT below shows very
different values for the MAX/MIN/AVG.. Other strange things. As soon as
I go 1 second past the magical number of 120400 seconds, I get the
display I'm expecting, with widely differing min/max/avg.. This 1 second
difference rules out the option that the values are in fact the same??

>From the initial mail:
/usr/sbin/rrdtool create $tmpdir/$ARGV[0]_$ARGV[1].rdd --start $time
--step 300 
DS:rta:GAUGE:600:U:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:10080 RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:5:9000

I can't relate the 120400 seconds to the RRA's defined...


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