[rrd-users] Re: RRDs::Graph to STDOUT on Win32

Thies Lehmann Thies.Lehmann at vectoris.ch
Fri Jul 4 10:19:31 MEST 2003

> I've read through the archives, and even downloaded a number 
> of example .cgi scripts (14all, drraw, rrdgrapher, etc.) but 
> I still can't figure out how to get RRDs::Graph to return the 
> PNG graph straight to the browser without first writing the 
> graph to a file. =20
> Details:
> Perl 5.6.1 build 635
> RRDTool 1.0.40
> Windows XP-SP1
> Apache 1.3.26

We have a similar environment, except for using IIS instead of Apache.
The trick that did it for me was to switch to unbuffered output early
in the script, and to set the content type, like

#!perl -w
use RRDs;
$| = 1; print "Content-type:image/png\n\n";

RRDs::graph  [...]

This works for .pl-scripts, I did not find out yet how to make it work
out of .asp/perlscript - which would be a great plus, since invoking
via .pl-cgi runs impressingly slow.


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