[rrd-users] Re: problems with mrtg-rrdtool-14all.cgi

bhumika joshi badmash_bhumika at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 8 12:25:02 MEST 2003

Stephen ,
this is what i have understood -
mrtg works behind the scene , getting the required parameters from SNMP which is on the machine you are trying to monitor ..
rrd tool is organising this into an rrd database which stores the information retrieved by mrtg , in a format very different from the original logfiles that you got from simple mrtg ..
14all reads this rrdtool database to generate the graphs ..
I  was --> 
using mrtg to view the cpu utilisation of the 2000 server here
the configuration file worked fine and i got the graphs expected.
but as anybody might know for cpu utilization i wanted a slightly faster interval .. so i decided to switch to the mrtg-rrdtool combination 
Now my problem is -->
-i am using the original mrtg comfiguration file , with whatever slight changes for the rrd tool 
-the config file is running ok
-my rrd database is being updated with whatever information every 3 minutes , as set in the config file
-but when i try executing the cgi file from my web browser i am getting every thing but the graphs
about your problem you are supposed to manipulate the counters likewise .. but i have no clue as to how , exactly ..
One fo the users in this mailing list used the method below to graph the cpu utilization , i am not using anything like that , but i thot that might help you in u r prob ..
Am I wrong in assuming that if I do this math I will be correct?:
 ssCpuRawSystem + ssCpuRawUser + ssCpuRawIdle = Total
 (ssCpuRawSystem / Total) * 100 = % of System utilization 
Is that correct?
yes , it seems everybody knows way too much .. and maybe we missed the starting gun ..
take care

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